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“Make Your Own Drugs,” by Nev Sagiba

I’m going to reveal a secret here. Something the authorities don’t want you to know; and more so drug peddlers, is that you can legally make your own drugs and there is nothing they can do to stop you.

What’s more its FREE! Well almost, there are some raw materials required and you need to care for the lab.

Now if Stan, dared publish this, I bet that by now I’ve got your attention.

How would you like to have access to a vast array of drugs of your choice including THE BEST HAPPY DRUGS IT IS POSSIBLE TO PRODUCE, strength drugs, yes even steroids of better quality than you can buy anywhere – and totally safe ones!

Don’t laugh. This is for real.

Included are energy drugs, sleep making drugs, waking up drugs, depression drugs, anti-depressant, pain killing drugs, personality drugs, potentials drugs, mood drugs, co-ordination drugs, skill drugs, health drugs, life extension drugs, quality of being drugs, feel-good drugs AND SO MUCH MORE..CHEMISTRY GALORE… AND ALL FREE!

Guaranteed no adverse side effects!

And totally undetectable as being in any way illegal, by any test known to man.

Athletes of the world line up.

By now all the key word alerts will have sounded in the global surveillance system, with red alerts all over ECHELON and other verbose surveillance machines.

Junkies reading this will be all ears. The more pious, verily annoyed, if not angry.

And that’s not all, these drugs are super designer, made just for you. Excited? I am.

Cost? Nope, free of charge.

Too good to be true? Guaranteed fact.

Who is this nut?

O.K., down to tin tacks. Here’s how:
The biology of the human body is such that it produces, as a matter of course, more chemicals and chemical combinations than are presently known. The healthier and fitter you are and the better you maintain yourself, the more potent the cocktails the body makes.

The raw ingredients are the food you drink and ingest. The higher and more nutritional the quality of intake, the better chemicals your body makes.

The drugs you can buy are JUNK!

Your body makes better. Far better.

When, good sleep is added to the good food you eat, as well as progressive physical training for strength, stamina and skill, the body makes even more. Finely tuned to only one person – YOU!

These chemical cocktails are delicate and resonate like crystals in a radio to receive and transmit the UNIVERSE!

Stick something toxic in and it spoils the fine tuned balance.

The ones a healthy lifestyle makes, are many more than I can write about here. Some are known. Many are not. To describe these in detail would take volumes. To indicate just a few:
Energy drugs enable you to move and think; sleep making drugs kick in to make you sleep and recover; waking up drugs are released on sunrise; depression drugs to remind you are not eating and exercising properly; pain killing drugs for emergencies, personality drugs- these only exist in people who refuse to ingest toxins; potentials drugs to enable, mood drugs to soothe, calm, elevate and more; co-ordination drugs to fine tune your edge; skill drugs to make the neuronal body-mind connection fine tune; sudden action drugs for emergencies and so much more. When you sleep, your body makes steroids. Ever noticed those days you consistently trained first thing in the morning, before breakfast, how you became lean and increased muscle mass? That’s why!

The chemical cocktails coruscating in tune with various cycles of nature, reflect the moods of survival and the universe. Artificial life stops the production of very many of these vital essences, so that you become half-alive. Polluted air taxes many functions and reduces potentials. Polluted fluids adds to debilitation. Junk food makes things worse. Excess inactivity spells a slow, lingering death before death.

Budo training additionally vivifies ancient survival secretions which heal the mind, body and that which connects them better and increases recovery and the immune system. This serves to rejuvenate the practitioner who trains wisely and cares appropriately, applying health maintenance principles.

The best drugs, designer made for you, are made by your body inside your body and only as needed, to the extent needed with a precise cut- off when no longer required. The laboratory is the human body. Better cared for, it makes better juices. But the chemicals your physical-body-lab makes, are so designer tailored specific to your unique and individual needs, that if they were to be placed into someone else’s body, they would be toxic or deadly. If you could give them to someone else, it would probably kill them.

All you need to do to produce this variegated multiplicity of chemical cocktails, is to eat well, hydrate, sleep, rest, recover and train regularly, breathe clean air and meditation multiplies all this even more.

Nature does the rest in perfect balance.

Because the whole body is designed to make the right chemicals at the right moment, at precisely the right dosage, at each moment, what you DO with your body, will affect your brain, moods, abilities, coordination, thinking ability and many other attributes, either positively or adversely.

The choice how you want to feel and function is entirely up to you. If you choose to take responsibility.

Yes, you can imbibe and or ingest a second hand, bastard and unnatural chemical, sort of feel good, or confused, now, and then pay a terrible price later; or; you can pay the price of eating, sleeping, hygiene, caring, exercise and proper maintenance first, and enjoy the reward of authentically enhanced function, progressively, sustainably and at leisure.

That drug company, the “pusher” is Nature. And Nature, has been around since the beginning of the world. Nature made you, Nature owns you and Nature makes the rules. Nature has been refining the process for a very long time.

The difference is this, when you make your own drugs internally as per design, you own yourself, title deed and all. Your life is yours. When you imbibe external arbitrary waste matter, you are heavily mortgaged, and the interests is compounding. The price continues to escalate, and in the end becomes too high to pay.

Whereas nature’s price is a bit of light effort, the price you and society pays for the shifting sands of uncertain chemicals, is anyone’s guess. Look at what happens to those who’ve secured themselves a downhill road. Work it out for yourself.

The best experiences are those earned by natural effort. They add to function instead of diminishing it.

The power to discover and apply Nature’s rules of health and personal enhancement, to really increase performance, instead of running counter, is entirely in your hands.

Nev Sagiba